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Two books by Jane Sercombe Lewis are available to buy from Blurb Books:

FORTUNE AND MISFORTUNE - A Sercombe Family History
an illustrated reference book of 400+ pages containing all my written research on the Sercombe, Giffard, Otto-Baijer, Tree and Hester/King/Breed bloodlines, which has been extensively updated, and added to, since the writing of this website.

A GENEALOGICAL JOURNEY - Devon and Somerset 2019
I visited Devon and Somerset during September 2019 to see some of the places where my Sercombe and Giffard ancestors lived and were buried. The result is this collection of photographs which, as well as standing in its own right as a genealogical study, is also an accompanying publication to "Fortune and Misfortune - A Sercombe Family History".

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Fortune and Misfortune
Fortune and Mi...
A Sercombe Family H...
By Jane Sercombe Lewis
Photo book

A Genealogical Journey
A Genealogical...
Devon & Somerse...
By Jane Sercombe Lewis
Photo book