The Courier, 20 November 1834

SUBSCRIPTION for the RELIEF of the POORER CLASSES of SUFFERERS, to be apportioned by the Committee appointed at a Public Meeting in Dominica, held on 29th September, 1834.

Extract of a Letter from the Committee of Correspondence, dated the 30th September, 1834, to James Colquhoun, Esq. Colonial Agent.

“On the night of the 20th instant, and morning of the 21st, this island was visited by a hurricane, the most calamitous in the recollection of the oldest inhabitant, so completely destructive in its effects, as to paralyse any attempt to describe the scene of devastation, which, at the opening of the day, was every where presented; suffice it to say, the town is nearly one mass of ruin ! the country an arid and parched waste ! and this picture of destruction perfected by that, which, a few hours before was the abode of content and happiness, reduced to a heap of ruins; and those which were splendid Sugar Works, to naked walls; and although the loss of life has not been so great as was a first apprehended, yet, the catalogue is sufficiently melancholy - not less that twenty-nine having fallen victims to that night!
“In this state of general devastation and destitution, with a population of nearly twenty thousand souls, the greater number of whom are at this moment destitute of even a hut wherein to lay their heads; but what in a far more alarming degree excites the apprehension of every reflecting mind, is the awful certainty that so total has been the destruction of the Provision Grounds, that there is not a supply of food within the island for one month’s support of its inhabitants ! thus making us entirely dependent on foreign supplies for the first necessaries of life, and by far the greater part of the Planters totally destitute of the means of procuring subsistence for their labourers. The suffering inhabitants of Dominica naturally look up to a generous British public, not doubting, that the same arm which they have beheld so often stretched out for the relief of the oppressed Pole or refugee Spaniard, will not be appealed to in vain, in behalf of the starving and ruined population of this island.”

Subscriptions will be received by Messrs Coutts, 39, Strand; Smith, Payne, and Smith, South Sea House; Herries, Farquhar and Co., 16 St. James’s-street; Sir Claude Scott and Co., 1, Cavendish-square; Roberts and Co.,, 15, Lombard-street; Ladbroke and Co., Bank-buildings; Hankey and Co., 7, Fenchurch-street; Hoares, 37, Fleet-street; and Sir Charles Price, Marryatt, and Co., 1, Mansion House-street, and any further particulars will be given on application to James Colquhoun, Esq. Colonial Agent for Dominica, 12, St. James’s-place.

Standing Committee of West India Planters and Merchants £200
James Colquhoun £10
Frederick Woodbridge £10
Edw. C. Woodbridge £10
Sir W. Heathcote, Bt., Hursley Park £10
Mrs. Heathcote, Hursley £10
Langford Lovell, Esq., Hursley £10
Mrs. L. Lovell, ditto £5
Bayer Otto Bayer, Esq., Antigua £10
Benj. Aislabie £10
Lord Bishop of Barbados £25
Rev. T. Parry, Arch-deacon of Antigua £10 10s
Major C. Dixon, R.E. £5 5s
Mr. Justice Patteson £5
Mr. Sergeant Coleridge £3
Oliver R. Greave, Esq. £2
Dean of Winchester £5
Rev. the Warden of Winchester College £5
Rev. Dr. Williams, Head Master of do. £5

[Also published in: Brighton Gazette and Lewes Observer - 4 Dec 1834 (with extended list of subscribers, inc. “His Majesty £500”); The Courier (again) - 6 Dec 1834 (with extended list of subscribers); Windsor and Eton Express - 6 Dec 1834 (with extended list of subscribers)

Langford Lovell‘s book “A Letter to a Friend Relative to the Present State of the Island of Dominica” was published in 1818.


Beel House - a description of the house when advertised to be let in 1834 after the death of Eliza Mason

London Evening Standard, 8th April 1834

DEATHS. April 7, at Ramsgate, Eliza, relict of Kender Mason, Esq. of Beel-house, Amersham, aged 66 years

County Chronicle, Surrey Herald and Weekly Advertiser for Kent,
23rd December 1834

BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE in Bucks. - To be Let, from Year to Year (or for a shorter period, if required), commencing early in January next, that much admired RESIDENCE, BEEL HOUSE, in perfect order, and completely furnished, most delightfully situate in the centre of a fine paddock of Thirty Acres, approached by a lodge entrance, about two miles from Amersham, and twenty-five from London, in a beautiful and sporting part of Buckinghamshire, with the exclusive right of shooting over Three Hundred Acres of Land, which adjoins the property, and is surrounded by game preserves. The mansion contains seven principal bed rooms and two dressing rooms, five servants’ apartments, water closet, entrance hall, spacious dining room, well-proportioned drawing room, library opening into a conservatory, excellent kitchen, servants’ hall, and domestic offices of every description, capital wine and beer cellaring; detached are coachman’s and gardener’s cottages, brewhouse, stabling for eight horses, double coach house, cow house, and other outbuildings; pleasure grounds very tastefully disposed, walled kitchen garden, well planted and clothed with the choicest fruit trees, and a productive orchard. The premises are well supplied with soft and spring water, and the roads are excellent. There are about Twenty-five Acres of Arable Land, which will be let if required, but the mansion of offices may be had without any land. - May be viewed (with tickets only), which, with further particulars, may be had by applying (if by letterpost paid) to H.W. Mason, Esq. No.3, Albion Place, Ramsgate, Kent; or to Messrs. Sedgwick and Son, land agents and surveyors, Rickmansworth, Herts.


LANGFORD LOVELL - auction of property

Hampshire Chronicle, 1st and 8th May 1852

Rick of Wheat, & Miscellaneous Effects.

To be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. GODWIN and SON, on Wednesday the 12th May, 1852, at eleven for twelve o’clock punctually, -
All the capital AGRICULTURAL and MISCELLANEOUS EFFECTS, belonging to Langford Lovell, Esq. deceased, at the Farm late in his occupation at Hursley, Hants.

The Live Stock includes four useful active cart horses, excellent grey pony, 6 yrs. about 13 hands; six superior Alderney and half-bred cows, with calves and in full milk; three barren cows, three weaning calves; two sows with pigs, three fatting pigs, seven store pigs, and about fifty head of poultry.

The Dead Stock and Implements comprise a rick of wheat, the produce of 6½ acres, four good oak framed rick stands, long store granary, strong broad-wheel waggon, two narrow-wheel ditto, three good dung carts, three rave and market carts, capital iron cylinder and press rollers, land presser, three scarifies, broad shares, two Tasker’s and two one-wheel ploughs, turnip and manure drill, excellent chaff-cutting machine, turnip cutter, cake crusher, winnowing and barn tackle, eight load of corn sacks, three waggon tarpaulins, six long ladders, six iron pig troughs, sets of good trace and thill harness, eleven wood sheep troughs, sheep cages, hurdles, 90 oak hurdle gates, and a number of useful items.

Among the Miscellaneous Effects are a quantity of seasoned oak and ash plank, felloes, and materials, two ricks of faggots, good materials, strong scales and beams, dairy requisites and kitchen furniture, several casks, packing cases, glazed garden lights, and other property.

On Thursday the 13th May will be Sold, - The truly choice Cellar of Rare OLD WINES and LIQUEURS, comprising several hundred dozens, many years in bottle, an excellent headed phaeton, and carriage harness, the genuine property of the deceased, at his late residence at Hursley.

Further particulars will be given, and catalogues may be had of the auctioneers, Piazza, Winchester; at the King’s Head Inn, Hursley; Dolphin, Romsey; and Matcham’s Royal Hotel, Southampton.

Hampshire Chronicle, 8th May 1852


350 Dozen of truly choice Old Wines and Liqueurs, Phaeton and Harness, and Materials of a large Hot-house, the Genuine Property of Langford Lovell, Esq. deceased.

MESSRS. GODWIN and SON are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, on Thursday, the 13th May, 1852, at eleven for twelve o’clock punctually, -

The Extensive Cellar of Splendid OLD WINES and LIQUEURS, at the Residence, Hursley, Hants, comprising about 150 dozen of Rare Old Port, in 14 bins, none less than ten years, and some above twenty years in bottle, all believed to be sound and in excellent condition, including some samples of beautifully rich fruity wines; about 60 dozen of very fine Sherry; about 36 dozen of choice Old East India Madeira, with smaller quantities of Claret, Champagne, Bordeaux, Hock, Marsala, Bucellas, Masdeu, and about 25 dozen of rich and very old home-made Wines.

Also, about 20 dozen of remarkably fine Old Jamaica RUM, imported by the deceased, and about 25 years in bottle.

This exceedingly rare and choice stock is well worthy the attention of gentlemen and connoisseurs, - Mr. Lovell’s judgement and taste were well known among his friends, and no exemption or reserve has been made in the entire cellar.

Also will be Sold, - The excellent headed PHAETON, and Carriage Harness; the glazed lights, roof frame, doors, training frames, and fittings, of a Hot-house, 50 feet long.

Catalogues may be had at the Residence, and King’s Head Inn, Hursley; White Horse Hotel, Romsey; Matcham’s Royal Hotel, Southampton; and of the Auctioneers, Winchester, who will readily forward them by post to any direction.

N.B. - The very superior Live and Dead FARM STOCK, Rick of Wheat, Agricultural Implements, and other Effects, will be Sold at the Farm, on Wednesday, the 12th May.

Hampshire Chronicle, 15th May 1852

The cellar of choice old wines and spirits, the property of the late Langford Lovell, Esq, at Hursley, submitted to auction on Thursday by Messrs. Godwin, excited considerable attention. There were about 350 dozen, a large portion of which was choice old Port, the competition for which was brisk, and three of the bins reached 100s a dozen. The remainder was bid for with much animation, and some of the lots obtained the extraordinary price of 10s per bottle.