This section contains notices and queries about my genealogical research.
  • There is in existence, somewhere, a 'Zulu Diary' written by George Tree (1857-1942) when he was fighting in the Zulu Wars in Africa. If anyone knows its whereabouts, or indeed has the original or a copy to hand, I should really appreciate access to it.

  • I am indebted to Vivien Norman for new information about the Tree family - updates and photographs have been added to the website..

  • I visited North Devon, Exeter and Somerset in September 2019 to further my research about the Sercombe and Giffard families, which proved successful and informative, and a number of new photos and information have been added to the website..

  • Huge thanks to Veronica Tree Joyner for her invaluable recent (2020) contributions to my research.

  • I published two books in 2020 -
    A collection of photographs with text about the Giffards and Sercombes entitled
    A Genealogical Journey
    and an illustrated reference book of 420 pages of all my written research, with many additions and updates, entitled Fortune and Misfortune: A Sercombe Family History
    To see previews and to buy, go to the BOOKS FOR SALE section on this website.