This section contains notices and queries about research in progress.
  • My research and writing up of the Giffard bloodline is nearing completion and will be uploaded to this website before the end of 2019. This particular branch of the Giffard history begins at the year 970 and ends with the birth of Mary Emma Sercombe in 1859.

  • There is in existence, somewhere, a 'Zulu Diary' written by George Tree (1857-1942) when he was fighting in the Zulu Wars in Africa. If anyone knows its whereabouts, or indeed has the original or a copy to hand, I should really appreciate access to it.

  • I am indebted to Vivien Norman for new information about the Tree family - updates and photographs will be added soon.

  • I'll be visiting Devon in September 2019 to further my research about the Sercombe and Giffard families, and to take photographs of places, graves, etc that relate to them.