Sercombe's bloodline

Thanks for all your hard work. Read with interest the Sercombe's bloodline. My grandfather was Walter Sercombe and my father William Sercombe who resided in Dunsford before moving to London.
Derek Sercombe

Britain in 100 Homes- More4 history series- archive enquiry

Dear Jane,

My name is Winifred, I am a Researcher at Raise The Roof Productions. We are making a new series for More4 called Britain in 100 Homes. The premise is to tell the social history of Britain through the homes we have lived in.

Ones of the stories we have covered is Frogal House, when it was Queen Mary's Hospital. We filmed with Tracey Mais and Keith Haines, both grandchildren of men who were treated by Dr Gillies.

I have been handed photos from your website and I am getting in touch to check the copyright on them.

The programme is being broadcast on More4 in May but after that will be broadcast worldwide. Are we alright to include these two photographs in the programme?

Kind Regards,
Winifred Kakouris


Well done.
Marilyn Baehler

Family Tree

Hi, Just reading your Sercombe family bloodline. I am a Sercombe from Devon. But what a coincidence my father was Ivor Sercombe who married my mother in 1947 at Totnes, who's maiden name was Audrey King.
Colin Sercombe

The Tree Family

Dear Jane, I came across the Tree Family Bloodline and have been absolutely fascinated by the excellent family history you have put together. My Grandfather was Stephen Frederick Tree b 2-10-1870. I only have one photo of him taken in 1914 when he joined up as a driver in the Royal Engineers at Aldershot. My Dad (Herbert Tree b 23-5-1914) died in 1993 but there were very few pictures. Thanks again for details of our forbears. Yours sincerely, Val Matraves
Valerie Matraves

Breed Family Tree

What a fantastic record you have. I am a Granddaughter of Albert Francis William Haines & Lillian Maud Breed. The youngest Daughter (7 of us, 4 boys & 3 girls) of their first born son, Albert Stephen William Haines.
Kindest regards,
Lynn Johnson

The Tree family

Dear Jane, it was with delight that I found I have 3 of the very same photographs you have on your web page. My Nan was Betty Tree (Watson), her Dad being Ernest Tree. My Nan gave me the copies of these photographs over 24 years ago. I will read your pages with enthusiasm. What a wonderful archive of research! I also see you have a photograph of my Nan as a small girl (a photograph I have never seen before!) and another of her Father Ernest Tree. I wonder if my Mum has any more old family photographs? I will call her later to ask!
Kindest regards, Debbie
Deborah Hall

REPLY: Many thanks Debbie for getting in touch. I have sent you a personal email with a full reply.